Organic Cappuccino e-Liquid


Organic Cappuccino e-Liquid by Naturals e-Liquid is a perfectly brewed bottle of cappuccino flavour alongside organic, premium and high-quality ingredients.



Organic Cappuccino e-Liquid by Naturals e-Liquid’s a perfectly brewed cappuccino eJuice flavour. Blended alongside organic, premium and high-quality ingredients.

e-Liquid PG/VG Blend

Naturals e-Liquid hand brew each delicious bottle of Cappuccino eJuice using a specific blend of 100% organic Vegetable Glycerin. Along with organic, FDA approved flavourings and nicotine, when selected. Customers should also note the fact that all the ingredients Naturals e-Liquid uses are all proudly sourced in North America.

Organic Cappuccino e-Liquid Sizes

Customers may first purchase the deliciously enticing Cappuccino eJuice in the convenient 30ml bottle which fits perfectly in kits as well in carry-on bags. Secondly, customers may purchase the value-sized 130ml bottle, savings in every ml!

Made In Canada

Naturals e-Liquid proudly hand brew every bottle of Cappuccino eJuice in Canada using premium and high-quality ingredients sourced from North America. Premium and high-quality ingredients such as organic, FDA approved flavourings, nicotine and Vegetable Glycerin.

Additional information

Cappuccino e-Liquid Strengths

0mg, 4mg, 8mg, 12mg, 18mg

Cappuccino e-Liquid Sizes

30ml, 130ml