There was a a time before I quit smoking that all I could think about in my busy day was when I would have time to have a smoke break. Of course before in the office there was a designated smoking area where us smokers would congregate and puff our brains out in the confines of a small yellow stained coffee room that you could hardly see the other side off. We did not seem to care though that we were slowly killing ourselves with the harmful toxic cigarette smoke. Then they changed the rules where you could not smoke anywhere in the building and we would have to huddle outside and smoke in front or

images the side of the office. This was not bad in spring, summer or fall but when winter came around we would still freeze our asses off in minus twenty degrees to have our nicotine fix. To the outside non smoking public we must looked like complete smelly idiots with such a terrible habit that we would risk frostbite to kill ourselves by smoking. Now most places of business do not allow smoking anywhere near the public so some actually go and sit in there car to smoke. I am so glad I kicked the habit and now only vape my electronic cigarette occasionally in the comfort of my own home.

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