One thing that has me dumbfounded, perplexed and frightened is the pharmaceutical companies and there crazy drugs that they push on television. It is such a huge industry and the have so much money and power that practically every ad on tv is about some new fangled drug that is supposed to be the one thing that will make you feel better and change your life. What is almost laughable and tragic at the same time is all a the crazy and dangerous side effects that that ” might occur if you so choose to take them ” Some of these side effects might cause blindness, dizziness, rectal bleeding, bloating, suicidal tendencies, blurred vision, cramps, flu like symptoms, headache, constipation, loss of hearing,

LabguruDebrandedGuy1552332131 depression, insomnia, skin rash, cancer, swelling of the hands and feet, hearing loss, ringing in the ears, paranoia, halitosis, arthritis, swollen black, or hairy tongue, enlarged breasts in males, decrease in testicle size, blue lips or fingernails, hallucination, fainting, coma, paralysis, a blood clot in the lung, liver damage, kidney damage, shingles, congestive heart failure, bleeding that will not stop, nerve pain that will not stop for weeks or month’s, etc. I would really think twice before taking anything like this. That’s why I switched to the electronic cigarette because the lists of problems from smoking tobacco is just as long !

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