TX. South Padre Island. Sunrise at beach.1.24.2012

There are many things I really like in the world and I will tell you about them now. Well I like the sunrise as a new day awakens and the sunbeams of light sneak through the puffy white clouds. The same time I am making a pot of hot coffee that smells like heaven. I sit back on the front porch and sip the tasty brew while vaping my Estick with some Jamaican Rum from my Eliquid – box collection. My dog Lucky is very likable with her good nature and playful attitude and is always my best friend and companion. I absolutely love my wife and children more than anything else in the world. They are so


happy to see that I quit smoking and that I will probably live longer. I like the change of seasons and all the unique beauty that they bring. I like a good pizza and laughing and hear other laugh, it is like music to my ears. I like music that makes me feel happy and want to dance. I like to cut the lawn in the summer and afterwards sit and relax and have a nice ice cold beer. I like a good movie that has you escape to another world for a couple hours. What I would like to see s people of this world live in love and peace !

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