One of the things I really like is the sunset. There is nothing quite like my wife and kids to go down to the lake to watch the brilliant sun melting it’s liquid gold into cold calm lake. I usually take this time to relax and vape my Estick with some nice Organic Mango from Naturals eliquid. I also enjoy hot fudge sundaes which take me back to my childhood when I used to hang out at the Dairy Queen. Travel is always a stress reliever for me. To be able to get away to a new land is always relaxing and yet


adventurous at the same time. Exercise is really important in my life at the moment since I quit smoking. There is nothing like a nice hour long brisk walk in the park with my dog Lucky. When I have time I also like to go to the gym and workout for an hour or so just to get toned up. Of course all this is possible after quitting cigarettes after smoking for twenty years. I sure wish I had all the money I wasted that literally went up in smoke. Yes feeling healthy is the thing I like the best !

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