There are some things I don’t like although I try not to hate anything. There was a time I was waiting to cross the road on my motorcycle with my then girl friend and got attacked by killer bees - I don’t like. I have a big bunion on my left foot that causes me pain – I don’t like. I was once bitten on my ass by a large German Shepard - I don’t like. A woman I know has very bad Halitosis but I don’t have the nerve to tell her – I don’t like. Sometimes my dog Lucky has terrible gas from to much table food – I don’t like. When I was a child my sister, father and I were chased by a huge black bear in the Rockies and barely escaped

e-cigarette with our lives – I don’t like. Periodically I get an itchy red rash on my inner thighs that drives me crazy – I don’t like. Just the other day I poured myself a glass of rotten milk and almost threw up – I don’t like. I haveĀ  problem with ants in my house and I am confused as where they are coming from. One thing I do know is when I run into something I don;t like I turn to something I do and that is vaping my Estick – this I like !

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