In this strange wiggly wonderful world there are many things I don’t like. There are probably to numerous to name them all but here are just a few. Poisonous snakes and giant centipedes – I don’t like. Getting chased by headhunters in the jungle’s of Borneo - I don’t like. Getting trapped in an underwater cave while diving and losing my mask – I don’t like. Standing on the edge the edge of cliff looking down a precipice of ten thousand feet – I don’t like. I feel uncomfortable in crowded elevators with large sweaty people with horrible flatulence – I don’t like. Also high on my list is going to the dentist with his whining

imagesdrill, needles and root canals – I don’t like. Taking a hike in the woods and getting infested with wood ticks with lyme disease – I don’t like. When my car breaks down in the middle of the night on a dark lonely road – I don’t like. Also changing a flat tire in the middle of a cold winter – l don’t like. Being late for work and having the boss yell at me – I don’t like. There are many things that can piss me off but when they do I usually relax my vaping my Estick.

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