What is the most important thing in a persons life? Well there are many important aspects to to live a long happy life and of course your health must be paramount to everything. Life is short but to many times especially when we are younger we think we are going to live forever. This in turn makes us behave irrationally and make bad choices. You see this type of behavior many times in the lives of the rich and famous. They have everything a person could ever want and yet foolishly over indulge in a reckless manner in food and drugs and risky behavior. A persons health is the key to everything because


without it everything seems almost helpless. Of course a lot illnesses are heredity and make ones life more difficult but most are brought on by the person themselves by not making the right healthy choice when in comes to diet and exercise and staying away from tobacco products and of course drugs and excessive alcohol consumption. I myself was guilty of making poor choice before but I am happy to say that I turned my life around by switching to the electronic cigarette and changing my diet and exercising more and now feel like a new person with a future.

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