A friend of mine also uses the Eliquid – box home delivery system and called me yesterday raving about the flavors of Exotic e-liquid. I told him I was already quite familiar with this brand and continued to tell him about some of the flavors I love and maybe he should try. These were some of my suggestions. Tropical Tsunami – a tidal wave of tantalizing tropical treasure. Passion Fruit Punch – you will be passionate about this fantastic flavor. Perfect Pomegranate – a unique delicious diversion from the norm. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla – wow what a great combination of tasty mouth watering flavors. Mango Madness – you would have to be mad not to give this very delicious flavor a try. Jamaican Rum


has a true tropical island taste that has you coming back for more. Pineapple sunshine – will certainly brighten your day with juicy sweetness. Cuban Tobacco – even Fidel Castro would appreciate the rich flavor of a freshly rolled leaf. Bananas Flambe – perfect with coffee or tea or really anytime. Moroccan Mint Tea – will make you think you are in Rick’s Cafe having a drink with Bogey. Island Coconut – you don’t have to have been to an Island to fall in love with this wonderful coconut taste. For your vaping pleasure I highly recommend Exotics e-liquid.

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