I was just speaking to my sister and she told me that the app on her smart phone has revealed that she has saved over $15,000 US dollars over 3 years and has not smoked an astounding 28,000 cigarettes. I myself over a two year period have saved $10,500 and not smoked 15,000 cigarettes. It truly is remarkable all the money we both have saved and how much less harm we have done to our once in a lifetime bodies. It makes me sick to think of all the money I have wasted and how cruel I was to my


system by inhaling all those thousands of harmful toxic chemicals which still might be the cause of my demise in the future because once you have smoked you are twice as likely to develop cancer or other conditions related to smoking. If I had all the money I have wasted all my life by smoking cigarettes I could probably not have to work another day in my life. By switching to the electronic cigarette I save a lot of money because it is only a fraction of the cost of tobacco products without any of the harmful side effects related to smoking. I’m sorry I ever started but am very happy I quit !

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