When astronauts travel into space they marvel at the extreme beauty of this wonderful bright blue magnificent planet earth floating in space among the twinkling stars. Most of them comment at how even from space they can observe the man made destruction of the earth. The most intelligent species on earth causes the most harm to it’s own environment. What drives a human being to act in such a way ? I would say greed and fanaticism. In this modern day and age you have not only environmental and ecological harm but also fanatical crazy terrorists that are bent on annihilation of democracy and freedom in the


free world. Killing innocent people in the name of their God because others do not follow their way of thinking so they are not even considered human. The world is becoming more and more dangerous all the time and the enemy is hard to fight and are increasing in numbers. I my opinion a loving god would not create people to hate and kill and harm other people for his sake. How did this come to be ? The brain washing and in indoctrination of the youth into their warped ideology is spreading this hatred. We have a long hard fight against this evil, Love will always prevail … it has too !  PEACE

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