Pirate party !

In 1634 the English galleon Hawkwind glided silently into the bay of Port Royal on the island of Jamaica. It’s main sails tattered into shreds by the encounter with the Spanish warship El Conde, Captain Grant limped up to to the wheel with his termite infested wooden leg which was getting shorter by the week. The ship was groaning and creaking and needed repairs in port before venturing forth into…

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BOLA (UFO enhanced and framed)

Culinary encounter !

My friend Gilbert told me an outlandish frightening tale that took place at his distant farm house in the woods of Canada. He told me he was awakened at about three in the morning to a very loud humming noise coming from above.¬† He said the plates in the the cupboards started to rattle and the dog and the rest of the animals were making quite a ruckus. The shotgun…

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The future is bright !

There was a time in my life that was not the best of times, in fact they could not really be worse. I really thought I had nothing to live for. The whole chain of events started one day when I was at my job at the law firm of Spungle , Fleck and Beamish. My secretary Flo stumbled and spilled hot coffee on my crotch scalding my nether regions…

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A great Day !

I was on the beach the other morning counting the grains of sand and was almost up to a billion when a seagull swooped down and landed on my shoulder. It whispered in my ear about how lousy fishing was that day and then asked me for directions to Toronto. I pointed east and it flew off and turned and gave me a fly by just to say thanks. An…

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The correlation between the abstract horizontal holographic dimensions supersede any bilateral concepts of a multifaceted vacuum. Thus any random interference could certainly interfere with with the statistical¬† charts and graphs of the interface of concept. From an outside point of view the observer only see the physical where as our observation changes the reality of our experience. Is everything and everyone connected in a complicated manner in which we only…

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Just hanging around

I finally got to fulfill one of of my greatest fantasies which is hang gliding. I used to watch them from my back yard catching the thermal up drafts from the hills that surround my area. I went over to the club one Saturday and enrolled in a class starting the following Saturday. The first week was in class learning about aerodynamics, wind speed, design and safety. We watched many…

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Destiny awaits !

I was starting my life over again I thought as I stood on that train platform at the station in Paris. I was a little wet from the gloomy fall weather the French like to call Mauvais Temps Pleuvieux. I would miss the city of lights, but not their heavy cream sauce which along with the snails and frogs legs had left my stomach rumbling and jumping like they were…

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Which way is up?

I remember last Tuesday like it was yesterday but it wasn’t because today is Saturday. I greeted the day with a big yawn and stretch and threw open the curtains and let the beautiful radiant sunshine hit my glowing happy face.I walked down stairs with a spring in my step which proved not to be the best idea because sprained my ankle and almost broke my neck. I called out…

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Worldly thought part 2

On the sun which is ninety three million miles from earth giant solar flares erupt shooting giant plumes of radioactive red and orange plasma into the universe. The same time in Venice Italy a couple on their honeymoon takes a romantic gondola ride through the ancient canal streets. They look into to each others eyes with a combination¬† awe, wonder and lust. In Toledo Ohio at the Best Value supermarket…

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Worldly thoughts !

Comets and shooting stars streak through space only to be swallowed by black holes galaxies and nebula swirling in time. Three squirrels crack open acorns on the sidewalk in 1962 as group of kids ride by on bicycles on the way to the park. A large industrial crane lifts huge steel girders across the Tokyo skyline. A Gazelle is chased and eventually caught on the hot dusty plains of the…

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