How sweet it is !

One of the greatest things about quitting smoking is that you can really have two of your most important senses revived which are your sense of taste and your sense of smell. It only took about one week after quitting that I noticed that food tasted much better and I could actually smell the roses as it were. The effects of smoking are so great that it robs you in…

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Man sitting on floor with his dog

Who would have thought !

Who would of thought that a two pack a day smoker who did not want to quit by any means would be persuaded to quit by his dog ! Well it is exactly how it came to be. My dog Lucky would spend a lot of time together after I got off work and especially on the weekends when I would throw the ball for her in the backyard. One…

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Smoking will be history

I still own two pieces of clothing with cigarette burn holes in them. I keep them as a reminder of my foolish dangerous habit I once had. In retrospect I realize I was a product of a time period of of ignorance on both the population and the cover up t the corporate level of big tobacco companies who did not inform the public of the true gravity of the…

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Take care !

One thing that I can’t over empathize is the importance of diet and exercise after quitting smoking. I started this the day after I quit the filthy habit. After one week I relapsed and had a cigarette, which made me feel so guilty I never smoked again. It felt like all those hours I dedicated to try to get healthy were lost in a puff of smoke. Now I am…

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Smoking is bad !

Well after along walk on the beach today I am happy to report seeing only a couple off cigarette butts wfere as before thete were literally thousands. Actually There is a law prohibiting smoking on public beaches and parks. Which personally I think is great because a lot of pollution and danger increases with smoking . Just think of the human toll and property damage has been the result of…

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A time to ponder !

In Vienna  in 1952  a man stands waiting for the train. His eyes dart nervously side to side as he awaits the encounter with his soviet contact to switch his identical briefcase will be switched with his. It seems to be quite a discussion five hundred years in the future  in a time machine where three humans and three robots work hard to repair the Biokenetic Orbitron Selector so they…

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Movie night

I really like getting together with friends or family to watch a good movie with a big bowl of popcorn a tasty beverage and my Estick for vaping pleasure. I also enjoy going to the theater but I am finding to expensive. It has to be a blockbuster for me to go. I really enjoyed Apocalypto, it had me on the edge of my seat. Set in what is now…

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Happy days !

One thing I truly enjoy while I’m vaping my Estick is to watch old comedies whether movie or television . In my opinion they are far better written than the sitcoms of today. Of course there are some funny shows and maybe I’m just being nostalgic. I really liked old Jerry Lewis movies such as the Nutty Professor and The Disorderly Orderly. He made me laugh like no other when…

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Smoking family

I remember when I was young the amount of smokers that would be in my house. Every members of my family smoked including my older brothers and sisters. There was always a cloud of smoke in the house that I and our pets were constantly inhaling. There was no concern in those days about second hand smoke and the dangers it posed.  My parents would have parties and the next…

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Rhyme time

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after. So after that experience they sat down and vaped some awesome Silkcloud sour watermelon and thought about fixing Jack’s crown. Old mother Hubbard sat in a cupboard eating her curds and whey when along came a spider sat down beside here vaping some Lemon Lime…

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