e- cigarettes can help you quit smoking !

How do I know Electronic cigarettes can help you quit smoking cigarettes?… From my own personal experience! I had been a heavy smoker for over 30 years and had tried everything to quit from the patch, gum, pills, hypnosis etc. The only thing that got me off tobacco was the e-cig. The first time I tried it I found the sensation very similar to smoking and within a few days…

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eLiquid in Canada

Canada E-Juice If you’re from Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, or Saskatchewan,  or anywhere else then you can now free yourself from worrying over where to get your fresh and better tasting ejuices and eliquids as Canada eLiquid provides you with all the news, laws, eLiquid devices and much more about the vaping world that you were looking for!! In this blog we will keep you informed about the best…

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