Public smoking

Last night I was out for dinner on the beach (something I hadn’t done for a while). I was surprised at just how few smokers I saw. Now I know how smoking is practically banned every where in public but on this beach it is still permitted. About 40 people were eating and drinking at this particular outside restaurant and I only saw about five people smoking cigarettes and about…

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Stop smoking

Smoking intervention !

Recently my friends and I have been concerned with Joe a friend who is a 2 pack a day smoker who says he will never quit. The other day four of us sat down and told him the way we were viewing his situation. His general poor health ie :smokers cough lack of stamina and his constant need to go out doors for a smoke. We confronted him and told him…

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Sexy vaping

Sexy vaping

Ever since smoking cigarettes in the 1920’s smoking was considered sexy  and alluring among woman. Times have changed because of the dangers of tobacco the e-cig is the new cool. The many varieties of e-liquids also are an allure to this new sensation Many of the adds these days show woman in different locations vaping clouds from there e-cig. There is a concern that young people might try to emulate…

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Smoking related fires

     Since smoking was introduced since the Mayans started using tobacco about 1000BC that damaging and deadly fires have been around. There are close to 8000 related fires each year attributed to smoking and is the leading cause of home fire deaths. Cigarettes that are not put out properly are mostly to blame. A lot of the time cigarettes or cigars can fall out of ashtrays or people are still…

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Bulk eLiquid3

The growing e- liquid choice !

With the increasing popularity of the e-cig comes with it the increasing amount of varieties of e-liquids. Every day companies are inventing combinations and mixes of fruit, pastry-( desert ), candy and tobacco flavours that give the consumer a dizzying amount of tastes to choose from. This is why vaping keeps increasing in popularity there is always a friend who is trying a new brand or flavour and lets you…

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The future of electronic cigarettes

With the increased usage of electronic cigarettes as opposed to tobacco there seems to be quite an amount of ambiguity in regards to studies and research of the harmful or beneficial aspects of quitting by vaping. One thing is of absolute certainty is the amount of harmful carcinogens is greatly reduced when terminating tobacco use. Ways to Stop  Smoking association for one that is in some ways reluctant to indorse…

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Reported benefits of VG e-liquid

A lot of e-liquid manufactures will  have some sort of mixture of  VG – vegetable glycerin and PG- propylene glycol . Vegetable glycerin already has a hint of sweetness which makes the fruit flavours even more flavourable . Sometimes companies that use a proplene glycol base will add some sorbitol,  these additives have not to be as of this moment safe. There has not been long term studies to verify…

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Risks from smoking

Dangers of Smoking !

By now everybody knows smoking is dangerous to your health and others in proximity of second hand smoke. The new findings show at least 12 new cancers that can be attributed to smoking along with the 21 already known cancerous afflictions from over the 7000 toxic agents. Kidney disease, intestinal, Pancreatic and Arterial disease are just some of the findings in the new research. Even though people are constantly bombarded…

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Laws and regulations of electronic cigarettes

There has been an increasing pressure on government from health departments for stringent regulations on the use and sales of electronic cigarettes.As of now there are very lax controls of the amount of nicotine and other additives which may or may not prove to be harmful to the public. One concern is that the e-cig ( which is the short term used ) may lead young people to try other…

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Electronic Cigarette e-liquids.

A lot of people are not quite sure what e-liquid are and what they contain. Most e-liquids are a combination of  PG ( proplene glycol ) and VG ( vegetable  glycerin ) which are vaporized in an electronic cigarette. The e-cig heats up the e-liquid to vapor. the majority of liquids are a combination of PG and VG although there are some companies that offer just a VG liquid which…

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