Why animals don’t smoke !

One of the things that baffles me the most in this life is that although we are the most intelligent species on this planet we are the most destructive to ourselves and to others. Why would we choose to ingest hundreds of toxic chemicals by smoking even though we know for a fact that it will shorten our one and only precious life. This is how powerful nicotine addiction is….

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Regulations of E -Cigs

The FDA is now proposing to ease the regulations of electronic cigarettes and other tobacco products such as chewing tobacco, hookahs, cigars, smokeless tobacco etc. The reason I can see if you restrict these products they will likely go underground and there will be a black market of bootleg products that might be unsafe. For example if people are constructing there own e-cigs or mixing there own e-liquids there is…

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E-cigarettes and increased stamina

One of the greatest aspects of quitting smoking and switching to the e-cig is the increased stamina myself and my friends are enjoying. Recently at a card game we all were telling stories of how much better we felt and how we were not getting winded by even the mostĀ  simple of tasks such as climbing the stairs or even household tasks. Three of my friends have taking up jogging…

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Pleasantly surprised

I happened to be in in New York at JFK airport and was pleasantly surprised to see they allow the use of electronic cigarettes throughout the airport complex my friend and I were in two different restaurants and saw various people vaping without molesting fellow diners. This is beauty of e- cigsĀ  not bothering people with noxious stinky cigarette smoke. Nobody in these establishments were pay attention to us with…

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electronic cigarette

Increased use of e- cigs among young people

There is a growing concern in society that the use of electronic cigarettes is growing among the under 18 year old students. There are reports of e-cig use doubling traditional tobacco cigarettes. People are concerned that youngsters will have this become more a gateway to cigarettes. The different flavors of e- liquids are a big draw to teenagers because to them it might seem like trying a new candy. When…

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People refute recent study !

As I personally can attest not only did the electronic cigarette help me quit tobacco and improve my health but it saved me a lot of money. The recent research from a Toronto university said that it only helped people quit for two or three month’s and side effects included cough and sore throat. Of course if you are constantly sucking on a e-cig like a chain smoker you might…

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The fun side of vaping

When my friends and I get together for coffee or a drink the conversation eventually comes down to what brand and flavor we are vaping and trying each others e-liquids. This was never the case when a lot of us were smoking and stinking up the place. I can remember walking into a party and hardly being able to see across the room for smoke. Believe it or not when…

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Non invasive vaper

One of the greatest things I have found about vaping is the vaper does not bother people like cigarette smoke does . I can’t remember how any times when I was smoking cigarettes the comments and dirty looks from people that had come in contact will the noxious smoke from the tobacco. I have yet not have a complaint from anyone that the vapor was bothering them. I’ve had a…

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save money

The high cost of smoking

Well we all know the high price you pay for the detrimental afflictions smoking has on your health but there is also the cost in dollars which are literally going up in smoke! In Canada the price of a package of cigarettes is around $12.00. One month of smoking will set you back $360. I know some people who smoke two or more packs in a day! Wow $700 a…

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Smoking and stress

Smoking and stress

Although practically everybody realizes that smoking is harmful to a peoples health and others around them, a lot smokers believe it helps them cope with stress. Because nicotine is a mood altering drug, tobacco use seems to alleviate the symptoms of stress or at least make them less severe. Nicotine can enter your brain in about 8 seconds releasing a chemical Dopamine. This will calm you down initially but also…

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