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It is very very hard these days to ingest practically anything that is one hundred percent natural. Everything is chemically altered or genetically altered.  A lot of the foods we eat are GMO’S - genetically modified organisms.  This means mankind is messing around with mother nature, and when you do that the results are never good. Through genetic engineering you are altering the original genetic make make up so the plant or animal will have a longer shelf life or be or grow fatter quicker. An example of how unnatural gmo’s are is a video of two stalks of corn a fence. One was a natural peeled stalk of corn and

index the other a genetically altered one. Squirrel’s ate the entire natural corn and did not touch the genetically altered one. What does that tell you? It speaks to me volumes of just what mutations are within the genetic make up of of these fruits and vegetables these mad scientists are creating! That’s why I am very careful what I ingest and always check the labels or ask someone if it is not marked. Even when I vape my electronic cigarette I use Naturals e-liquid witch is 100% organic VG. In this increasingly messed with world I try to keep things as natural as possible.

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