After vaping the last two years I can tell you I have never been happier and my family too for that matter. Let me begin by saying I am feeling like a new man in practically all aspects. My health has vastly improved. I no longer have a smokers cough which bothered me especially at night when I would get p in the middle of the night and hack blobs of tar into the sink and the gross sounds would usually wake up my wife thus interrupting her sleep. I would have to go outside to smoke because the family hated the smell and the smoke would stain the ceiling and walls. I was so out of shape and would be


winded so easy from lack of exercise I was just a thirty pound overweight couch potato. My children were constantly pleading with me to stop which weighed heavy on my mind. Finally after trying many different methods I was able to stop by vaping the electronic cigarette. What a relief it was for my family ! Within ten days I could feel the difference in my health and I started doing for long walks and breathing that clean fresh air. Today I feel like a brand new person with a healthy future ahead of me.

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