There really was a dramatic change for me in every sense of the word when I quit smoking and beganĀ  puffing on my electronic cigarette instead. I thought if I was going to improve my overall health I better combine diet and fitness too. So I quit snacking on junk food and drinking soft drinks and started going for early one hour long walks before work and on my lunch hour I would walk for at least fifteen minutes. The excess weight started to come off immediately and people that I work with started to comment how good I was looking. This even pushed me to to be more active by joining the gym and the company softball league. This new lifestyle has improved my whole outlook on life. I am happy to say


that I have lost thirty pounds and have got great results from the doctors physical test reports. I am on a very low carb diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and low fat protein like fish and chicken. Because I rarely eat desert anymore sometimes I just pick a fruit or pastry flavor that I picked from my Eliquid-box selection and I still get the flavor without the calories.

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