I am of the opinion that all illegal drugs should be decriminalized. History has prove in the twenty’s to the thirty’s that the prohibition of the sale and manufacture of alcohol does not work. When this took effect instantly organized crime started to manufacture and sell alcohol illegally. This prove to be a huge problem for police who spent a vast amount of time and money trying to combat the problem. Other problems arose from different crime families at war with one another over the illicit booze trade. You can see after fighting the war on drugs for the last 40 odd years has not worked. Drug cartels are the cause of many violent problems in the western world. If everything was legal many of these problems would


disappear and the police could concentrate on more serious matters. Education however starting in the first grade of the harmful effects of drugs and tobacco products would greatly reduce the amount of people who would try it in the first place. Showing graphic images to to school children of the terrible consequences of drugs would really scare them. Also public service announcements on television would also make an impact and would vastly reduce the number of first time users. Education is the only effective method. I was thinking of all this while vaping my Estick and thinking to myself how dangerous the legal cigarette is and how many people have quit because they have been taught the dangers.

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