My wife and I are expecting our third child in May and we were discussing last night how hard it is to bring up children in an healthy environment these days. In this day and age it is difficult to eat healthy because os all the additives and GMO’s in the foods we consume. Of course when they get older it is more difficult for them and us to make healthy choices because like fast food and sugary soft drinks which are alright once in a while in moderation. It is also very surprising to see a lot of childhood obesity which usually you can tell by the parents size and girth they are just a product of there


environment. In my personal opinion it is cruel and harmful to be letting your child gorge themselves on junk food and balloon into overweight unhealthy children. Along with drugs and alcohol and violence and sex on television and movies parents have a lot to handle in these ever changing times . One thing that has made our household a more healthy place to live is that it is a smoke free house without the harmful effects of smoking because I switched to the electronic cigarette.

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