Yesterday I went freestyle cave diving. That means without any oxygen tanks, just holding your breath. I thought because I had quit smoking three years ago it would have made a difference and it did probably save my life. I went out to th cave by boat with my instructor Donna Maria Linda Gonzales Fernandez Santana. We held are breaths and with flashlights in hand plunged down into the cool blue sea. We entered the cave and found an air pocket and rested for a minute. We then proceeded to the next cave as per her instructions. This is when things went terribly wrong. Just as was inching along the sea urchin


covered walls an octopus grabbed my mask and ripped it off. My lungs were busting and I needed air. I found a passage to the left and luckily found an inch of air on the surface of the tunnel. Shear panic took hold and thought I was going to die of claustrophobic terror. Finally after fifteen long minutes my instructor Donna Maria Linda Gonzalez Fernandez Santana came to my rescue. I’ll tell you I will never do that again ! I sure was glad I had the lung capacity and I owe it to me switching to the electronic cigarette from tobacco – It saved my life !

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