What really rocks is my e-liquid box with all the flavors to savor. If you don’t like mustard try the Chocolate Banana Custard. If perhaps this day things are not quite gellin try to vape some Sour Watermelon. Everyday you might see something a bit wacko then ease your mind with some Coconut Black Tea Tobacco. One day if by chance you are being chased by a huge angry gorilla don’t forget to to puff away on the Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. Today might not feel like your day but it will with Bananas Flambe. Winter time might find you thing of vacation time with the tangy Pineapple Sunshine.


After lunch what could be better than wonderful Passion Fruit Punch.Life can be hectic and you can be always on the run, then this is the perfect time for the tropical taste of Jamaican Rum. Excited, happy or feeling demure then it’s clouds of joy with Mexican Coffee Liqueur. You might like watching the UFC or maybe you like the singing in Glee, it won’t matter with Moroccan Mint Tea. People are allergic to gluten and dairy but very rarely Berry Berry Blueberry. Halloween was here but there was no need to fright while vaping away with sweet Mango Delight.

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