Changes !

Vaping really is the clean alternative to smoking those filthy, stinking, toxic cancer causing cigarettes. I don’t have burn holes in my my clothes or furniture. The house does not smell like a dirty ashtray anymore. The car does not stink and have a yellowish brown discoloring . The wife and children are very happy to be living in a smoke free environment and I’m happy not contributing in any…

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Cave diving

Yesterday I went freestyle cave diving. That means without any oxygen tanks, just holding your breath. I thought because I had quit smoking three years ago it would have made a difference and it did probably save my life. I went out to th cave by boat with my instructor Donna Maria Linda Gonzales Fernandez Santana. We held are breaths and with flashlights in hand plunged down into the cool…

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Worldly wonders !

Floating high above the vast plains of the Serengeti a newly wed couple from Canada watch in wonder the migration of thousands of wildebeest below along with Gazelles and giraffes running on the sides of the herds. Hundreds of miles above a satellite circles the earth sending back thousands of signals per second to eastern Europe. Poor young children in the slums of India work making homemade bricks to help…

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The big cost !

On a early morning in a small town in Kentucky a man driving his pickup truck sees smoke coming from an upstairs apartment. He stops his car quickly and runs into the house, smoke fills the living room and he can see flames on the upstairs landing and can hear coughing and crying coming from the bedroom. He quickly runs through the smoke and fire and finds two small children…

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What the …. ?

One thing that has me dumbfounded, perplexed and frightened is the pharmaceutical companies and there crazy drugs that they push on television. It is such a huge industry and the have so much money and power that practically every ad on tv is about some new fangled drug that is supposed to be the one thing that will make you feel better and change your life. What is almost laughable…

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GMO,professional in uniform goggles,mask and gloves examining co

Oh natural !

It is very very hard these days to ingest practically anything that is one hundred percent natural. Everything is chemically altered or genetically altered.¬† A lot of the foods we eat are GMO’S – genetically modified organisms.¬† This means mankind is messing around with mother nature, and when you do that the results are never good. Through genetic engineering you are altering the original genetic make make up so the…

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What we would do !

There was a a time before I quit smoking that all I could think about in my busy day was when I would have time to have a smoke break. Of course before in the office there was a designated smoking area where us smokers would congregate and puff our brains out in the confines of a small yellow stained coffee room that you could hardly see the other side…

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Silky smooth !

Silk Cloud e-liquid is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. People across the globe are praising the richness of it’s of awesome flavors. The vaping community is a buzz with this new and exciting line of premium e-liquids. When you think of a silk cloud what comes to mind? A cloud made of silk floating¬† effortlessly in a spectacular sky of blue. The discerning vapor will marvel at Silk…

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Decisions Decisions !

With the new Eliquid-box delivery system you can choose from so many delicious mouth watering flavors it will be very hard to pick one favorite because each one is so different you might end up with ten or more ! You can mix and match from six different companies premium eliquids of varying strength’s and natural vg liquids. The Eliquid-box delivery is an easy and efficient cost saving way to…

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Time to quit or switch !

My nephew and his wife and daughter arrive tomorrow from Vancouver Island British Columbia and it will be the first time I have met their daughter who is five years old. When I last talked to my nephew he told me that after the birth of his child he wanted to live long enough to see her grow up so he decided to quit smoking. This was not a hard…

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