Exotic !

One of the things I love the most about the eliquid-box delivery service is the inclusion of Exotics eliquid. The name truly says it all with premium eliquids that are great tasting at affordable prices that will have you coming back time and time again. Here is a brief list of some of my favorites that I’m sure you will also enjoy: Jamaican Rum – take a trip to the…

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Saving life and money !

I was just speaking to my sister and she told me that the app on her smart phone has revealed that she has saved over $15,000 US dollars over 3 years and has not smoked an astounding 28,000 cigarettes. I myself over a two year period have saved $10,500 and not smoked 15,000 cigarettes. It truly is remarkable all the money we both have saved and how much less harm…

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Times are a changing !

I was lucky enough to attend an awesome music festival last night on the beach in the Dominican Republic. What beautiful night with great music and great people. There was food and drink stands and the sky was clear and bright with millions of stars. The swaying palm trees seemed to dance along to the hypnotic beat of the music. I took notice of how there was so few smokers…

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Juicy Juicy !

Some of the premium brands that I enjoy from the Eliquid-box delivery system com from Juicy Ejuice. Their scrumptious flavors keep me coming back for more each month. Although I have not tried them all I have had the pleasure of trying quite a few and have loved everyone of them so far. These are some of the recent flavors over the last few month’s that I have had the…

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Progress ?

Sometimes it is hard to imagine what the world will be like in a few years or even a few days for that matter. The future is unknown and in some ways you think more unstable than ever before. Religion has caused much turmoil because of the distortions and interpretations that are given in the name of God. Will there ever be peace in the world? One would like to…

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Walking and swimming

Since I quit smoking and switched to the electronic cigarette I have a renewed interest in exercise and one of the best and the easiest way of getting your body and lungs in shape after years of being an inactive lazy couch potato was to get my ass in gear and get out of the house into the beautiful nature and walk and breath that clean fresh air. If you…

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The right choice !

What is the most important thing in a persons life? Well there are many important aspects to to live a long happy life and of course your health must be paramount to everything. Life is short but to many times especially when we are younger we think we are going to live forever. This in turn makes us behave irrationally and make bad choices. You see this type of behavior…

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Bananas Flambe !

What really rocks is my e-liquid box with all the flavors to savor. If you don’t like mustard try the Chocolate Banana Custard. If perhaps this day things are not quite gellin try to vape some Sour Watermelon. Everyday you might see something a bit wacko then ease your mind with some Coconut Black Tea Tobacco. One day if by chance you are being chased by a huge angry gorilla…

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Happy healthy days !

There really was a dramatic change for me in every sense of the word when I quit smoking and beganĀ  puffing on my electronic cigarette instead. I thought if I was going to improve my overall health I better combine diet and fitness too. So I quit snacking on junk food and drinking soft drinks and started going for early one hour long walks before work and on my lunch…

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Do the right thing !

My wife and I are expecting our third child in May and we were discussing last night how hard it is to bring up children in an healthy environment these days. In this day and age it is difficult to eat healthy because os all the additives and GMO’s in the foods we consume. Of course when they get older it is more difficult for them and us to make…

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