Let me count the ways !

After vaping the last two years I can tell you I have never been happier and my family too for that matter. Let me begin by saying I am feeling like a new man in practically all aspects. My health has vastly improved. I no longer have a smokers cough which bothered me especially at night when I would get p in the middle of the night and hack blobs…

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Education !

I am of the opinion that all illegal drugs should be decriminalized. History has prove in the twenty’s to the thirty’s that the prohibition of the sale and manufacture of alcohol does not work. When this took effect instantly organized crime started to manufacture and sell alcohol illegally. This prove to be a huge problem for police who spent a vast amount of time and money trying to combat the…

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Things I don’t like pt.2

In this strange wiggly wonderful world there are many things I don’t like. There are probably to numerous to name them all but here are just a few. Poisonous snakes and giant centipedes – I don’t like. Getting chased by headhunters in the jungle’s of Borneo – I don’t like. Getting trapped in an underwater cave while diving and losing my mask – I don’t like. Standing on the edge…

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Things I don’t like !

There are some things I don’t like although I try not to hate anything. There was a time I was waiting to cross the road on my motorcycle with my then girl friend and got attacked by killer bees – I don’t like. I have a big bunion on my left foot that causes me pain – I don’t like. I was once bitten on my ass by a large…

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Things I like pt.2

One of the things I really like is the sunset. There is nothing quite like my wife and kids to go down to the lake to watch the brilliant sun melting it’s liquid gold into cold calm lake. I usually take this time to relax and vape my Estick with some nice Organic Mango from Naturals eliquid. I also enjoy hot fudge sundaes which take me back to my childhood…

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TX. South Padre Island. Sunrise at beach.1.24.2012

Things I like !

There are many things I really like in the world and I will tell you about them now. Well I like the sunrise as a new day awakens and the sunbeams of light sneak through the puffy white clouds. The same time I am making a pot of hot coffee that smells like heaven. I sit back on the front porch and sip the tasty brew while vaping my Estick…

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Tasty !

A friend of mine also uses the Eliquid – box home delivery system and called me yesterday raving about the flavors of Exotic e-liquid. I told him I was already quite familiar with this brand and continued to tell him about some of the flavors I love and maybe he should try. These were some of my suggestions. Tropical Tsunami – a tidal wave of tantalizing tropical treasure. Passion Fruit…

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Peace !

When astronauts travel into space they marvel at the extreme beauty of this wonderful bright blue magnificent planet earth floating in space among the twinkling stars. Most of them comment at how even from space they can observe the man made destruction of the earth. The most intelligent species on earth causes the most harm to it’s own environment. What drives a human being to act in such a way…

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Naturally !

Lately I have really been enjoying Naturals E-liquid, these premium organic e-liquids are 100% Vg and have a robust taste bud bursting flavors. Some of my favorite are: Organic Pina Colada – for that sitting under that palm tree feel. Organic Menthol – Refreshing marvelous mint flavor. Organic Lemon Lime – not to sweet and not to sour for a perfect puff. Organic Green Apple – like taking a bite…

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Careful now !

As Christmas rapidly approaches I think about the temptations that that lie in wait for us . All the parties with all those meals with all that tasty baking. Of course with Christmas parties whether at the office or at somebodies home usually but not all the time include drinking and smoking. This is when one has to be very careful especially at office parties when people let their hair…

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